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Creatter - Studio Management Platform

The Technion Institute Of Technology

Making the management of the studio easier with a shareable place for assets, a live feedback system, a shared tasks board, and custom dashboards.


  • Multitasking reduces productivity by 40%

  • A non-synchronous work environment is more conducive to creativity 

  • Specially designed for the Covid 19 hybrid working model

Main Problems

  • Studio work uses multiple systems.

  • Organizing assets is a difficult task.

  • Finding old assets can be difficult. 

  • It is difficult to reflect on the process with clients because the information is scattered across multiple channels.

The Challenge

Have one easy-to-use tool that can organize assets, manage tasks, and invite collaborators to share information so everything about a project is in one place.

Competitors Research

The project management tools I have evaluated are Monday, Jira, Asana, google docs, and Excel. I found a few advantages for each tool but found that the underlying solution is about managing tasks, however, there are disadvantages about sharing assets and communicating about the project. 

Therefore, I looked into sharing tools like Vimeo, Dribble, Box, and Dropbox to extend my research. The reason why I chose this tool specifically was because it was on the survey I did.

 I found out that no single tool could provide all the features needed to manage a studio.

User Research

  • Interviews with six studio managers.

  • An online survey was completed by 45 people.


The Solution 

Meet Creatter - create better. 

  • Communicate better with live feedback. 

  • Manage your team tasks effectively with custom boards and dashboards. 

  • Organize all your assets in one shareable place.

User Persona


persona A

Tree Structure


User Flow



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  • UX Research

  • Wireframes

  • UX Writing 

  • Interactive Prototype on Axure

What I've learned from this project

This is my first experience with the complete user experience process. Taking criticism in stride and focusing on the process has taught me a lot. 

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