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Screens Controler Mobile App 

Coca Cola - The Trade Marketing

Design mobile applications for restaurants, kiosks, and fast food chains that display sales information, combos, and menus on screens at Point of sale.


  • Provides the ability to create offers/combos/menus that can be customized to various sales points, including fast food restaurants, kiosks, and cafeterias.

  • Reduce the costs of graphic design, printing, and driving.

  • An independent tool would allow rapid response and minimal intervention.

Main problems


  • The paying client (Coca-Cola company)  isn’t the end client (retailers), therefore they have different needs.  

  • It is illegal for Coca-Cola to compare prices between retailers.

  • The user is not motivated to use the product.

  • We were a small company with limited resources and we need POC. 


Each POS has its own local ID that connects to the server and displays a selected combination.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 15.33.44.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 15.33.44.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 15.33.44.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 15.33.44.png
Sketch Arrow 2
Phone Screen
Sketch Arrow 2

User Research 

  • Interviews with: users  - promoters, Coca-Cola employees, and retailers.

  • In-person visit at POS.

  • Sensor data from POS.

We implemented sensors at several point-of-sale locations as part of our research and found the following: 

1. Using a sensor that monitors the audience at POS, we compare digital content on screen to printed posters. Over 80% of people viewed the digital offer on screen but did not view the print offer. 

2. In average, people stay in front of the screen for 13 seconds. 

3. People usually glaze the screen for 6 seconds on average. 

4. The combination of food and beverages increases sales by 4%. 

Main Persona

Image by Raghav bhadoriya
cocacola screen.jpeg

"To earn as much money as possible,

I cannot waste time on boring office work.."

 Shay Cohen, 26, Ramat Gan, Coca-Cola trade marketing salesman.


  • Communicate well with the retailer, so the retailer is satisfied.

  • Increase sales so he can reach his sales targets.


  • He is afraid of dissatisfaction from his managers.

  • Shay is worried about office work that takes up a lot of time.

Main use: 

Mobile - Samsong 9

User Flow

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 14.51.23.png

Coca-cola aims to strengthen its brand at all points of sale (POS) in order to increase sales. In order to do so,  we, as a digital signage company, installed screens, which display brand videos. However, we face some problems with retailers, as they do not receive any revenue from it.

top - coca cola

Final product screens - upload  combo procces

טרה קוקה קולה-01.png
Phone Screen
תיקונים 27-11-18-01.png
Phone Screen
טרה קוקה קולה-02.png
Phone Screen
קוקה קולה עמוד כניסה 01-08.jpeg
Phone Screen


Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 15.51.25.png

Upload combo process

Tree Structure


  • Project Management: Planning, designing, implementation, communicating with clients, and developing. 

  • User Research 

  • Design platform (UX)

  • UI Design - Michael Nahmias 

What I've learned from this project

I gained experience working with R&D development, Q&A, and Designers. My role includes not just communicating with clients but asking the right questions to the right people, which is vital to success. 

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